Well in the Central Park timezone, i played Midnight Tune a car game and I had 780hp I was accepted to challenge someone and in the 1st round, I won from someone that had 280hp.

And after I did it again and of course I won well it was an easy match after I fought someone with 280hp and another one with 280hp and first round I beat them how because of my horsepower and when I turned.

Second round I won and got 2 stars and after I accepted to challenge the same people again but I crashed did not crash they crash them self 不不不 I was going to win they were going in the wrong direction and they got mad at me and left the game.

But do you know why they did that let me tell you because the 400hp guy i was wrong but yaa the 400hp guy was 1000 meters behind me and the woman was 3000 meters behind so they got mad , tremendous time mad they thought they will win but after all they did not win but good enough for the guy with 400 hp but the girl not bad and not good.

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