Do you know a swimming carnival? I know because I just did it today! For the swimming carnival, I went to the canteen in Reverse by and you had house colors mine was Guwing which is yellow and Diramu is green and Badu is blue and Gili is red.

and there was the 13-year-old race and the 12-year-old boys for the swimming and after there were the same but for the girls. We did the same after that there were more and now mine I was 4th in the race but If I could not swim they would pull me out the lifeguards and there was also a 100meter pool for any age after we did the rematch for only people who where 2nd and 1st.

Now my friend Ivan and Agape were in the water play which means you can’t swim but Edric my other friend was also in the 50meter but he failed just like me and we had lunch you could eat recess at any time and fruit break it was fun and I went into the canteen and bought small chips for $5.00.

And then we went to school at 2:00 pm and watched a movie or did an all-about-me sneaker.


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