In June 18th I went to Indonesia the first City i went to is Jakarta! it was fun how because the shopping centers where clean and even a cinema in the rooftop with beds i went they with mum,dad,grandma and grandpa.By the way it was actually pretty fun i went to my cousins house and guess what i got to go to his room and play roblox that is a game and it was fun mean while my mum and dad where going out to a dining and it looked taste they had steak which is beef and i was so mad that i wanted some.

The next City we went to is Jogja it was so fun that i was so happy because i got to go to a 5 star hotel and they gave us a pool it had even slides and i said ‘how how this so AMAZING!’. After we went to our room and they gave everything a tv and even a good backview but it was a big room when you do a number 2 it can wash it without going to the shower you press a button and wash and they gave us a buffet in the bottom and you could go only breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Next we went to thousand island it took us 2 hours it was fun but not too the boat went 30km a hour and it was 60km to get there after when we got to our room it had a low bad stinky toilet it was the the worst it was to tiny after it was really fun we went on a boat and brang all our swimmers and changing. And it was fast we got to swim and see fishers and more and even eels we stared away and then we went on a island the water was shallow but i lost my flippers but still fun we did that for 4 hours and went back home but before that i had to what my number 2 for 2 days it was tuff man.

The last City Bali we went on a hotel it was a 5star and better than Jogja we got a bigger pool and better food and a bigger room and a beach next to the hotel they was my favourite soup beef tail. It was the best i got to have that and so yummy and a ice cream shop next to eat I also went to a resturant. And it was super fun i got to eat a barramundi it was yummy also i got to buy a gun but not a real gun last ove all i went back to Australia.

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