Firstly,do you even know what a Cross Country Race is okay it is when go somewhere and then there are many people like probably 150-200 people it is hard become 1st place, you have to train for months also they split you in age groups and genders but house colours you are in the same team they are Gili = red ,Guwing = yellow,Diramu = green and last Badu = blue.

Did you know there was a technique to go 2nd or 3rd place so first you dash or sprint and then if you get tired jog but don’t let anyone get in the way if they do sprint and they get tired after jog again and keep doing than until you get it and you become 2nd place and 3rd place and guess what place i got 2nd place and i use the technique i told you so yaa i became 2nd place.

the CCR was amazing you got to have fun like tremendous fun everyone liked it it was from 3-6 years start with 7-8 years old to 13-14 years old.

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