Hello guys, today I am going to talk about Eat Mubarak but what is even Eat Mubarak it is when we have a big feast it is just like Christmas and we call that Ramadan it is a special time when we fast it is actually hard to fast. And we do that for 30 days This is because we have to feel like the poor people feel like with out eating and food the whole day and that is when Ramadan comes , mostly I did whole day 2 times that’s incredible for about 17 hours no eating and then the second time 14 hours. And then half day just for practice.

Syawal is the month we celebrate Ramadan and also fast that is the special time we celebrate and have love this is my favorite month Ramadan when we celebrate it is happiness also it is not just all about fasting it is also your emotions, for example don’t be mad and if someone makes you annoyed just laugh and have fun. Just a quick reminder if your a kid want’s to fast whole day better to do lots of stuff like getting tremendously busy.

Who do we celebrate with of course Muslims we have to eat a lot after we prey you can’t eat before you prey and you can’t do digesting stuff why because there is something called Wudhu there are steps to do first clean ears and then nose and keep doing on the face part and the body and then lucky last your legs.

Why do we do this for because to feel what the poor people are with out eating ,Mostly my mum say’s “you take for granted” that is true and i like my life mostly there is movie a Indonesian one and it is about 20 kids who are poor but have parents but they only eat rice and tofu and that’s it but at one point all became smart and get money.

Did you i am stunt of not eating it is hard if you thing it is easy go ahead try it have fun with it.

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