Guys do you even know what UFC is let we tell you but what does it stand for U stands for ultimate and the F stand for fighting and the c for championships.But do you know why this guys fight let my tell you they fight because first they were are poor and then after they become a GOAT stands for greatest of all time like Khabib or Alexander Volkonoski but guess what they do not pay for it if you win you get money but to fight you do not pay.

The people who fought were Max Holloway vs Justin Gajetje, Alex Peirdada vs Jammal Hill,Zhang Welil vs Yan ,Arman Tsukeyan vs Charles Olivera,Jiri Phozcka vs Rachinit and lucky last Holmes vs Harrison, and that’s about it .the winners are Max Holloway ,Alex Peirdada,Zhang Welil,Arman Tsukeyan,Jiri Phozcka,Harrison. And one of them are a GOAT it is Alex Peirdada only him he is the best striker in the world for light heavy weight.

And there are also signiture cards and glove cards and if you get a GOAT one it is worth $1000 in the furture 1 card the GOATS i know is,Leon Edwards ,Usman,Khabib,Geogre st Peireire,Jon Jones,Alex Peridada , Stipe Mocioce,Tom Aspinnal,Nate Diaz ,Masvidal,Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold ,Daniel C, and that’s it. But do you know who is the president of UFC Dana White and there are people called the commentater it is when you talk about how they did and they keep talking like a chatter box. They are Jorge,Daniel C and Dana White this are the commentator.

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