I have a question for you guys. Have you ever that no gy means only wearing jiu-jitsu short pants and a jiu-jitsu T-shirt well you can do that only on Wednesday I even did it today well we did warm-ups.

Like running around and doing push-ups and after that we did more sit-ups and even more running but there was no kicking or boxing and then we did forward rolls and then backward rolls and more.

We played a game called 44 homes and if you were the last person to touch the wall you were out if you were lying down or sitting you were out there were no tippers but my friend Dean was 3rd Gareth my friend also was 2nd and I was 1st.

After we had the training we did single legs my partner was Chris he was new I taught him but still he never understood anything Jaleen came and said do you need help and said yes but only taught Chris.

We did sparing and that was fighting I fought Gareth and won and I fought Gabreild and he was a boy after I lost but still proud of myself.

Good bye remember to live a subscribe to Alvaro. Cool and a like bye bye

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