Have you ever driven a car before? I have and I am only 7 years old well I am talking about a game you can find in many station games one can be in Central Park timezone Haymarket timezone and even Koko.

It is fun to play well in KoKo there is a competition the max is 760hp I have 760hp you have to Tun up your car which means you fix your car and even get horsepower it is different horsepower you get.

Well, Dad would beat me easily before but when I had 360hp he could not beat me when I had 400hp he almost crashed into a truck but I kept going in the last 100 seconds and I won.

Do you know that you can start with 310hp that’s a lot in real life but in the game not bad to get 760hp or more or less you need to have a banasport card to save your car but keep on using the same car when you vs someone and you are either 4th,3rd or 2nd you won’t get a free game but if you are 1st you get a free game if your 4th you don’t get stars if are 3rd you get 1 star if your 2nd you get 2 stars if you are 1st you get 3 star.

There are also some numbers you use to turn better 4 is to turn 6 is normal 5 is quick.

There are levels of stars first it is 1 second is 10 third is 100 fourth is 1000 the last is the best 10000.

To get horsepower play story mode if you lose you get horsepower but you have to play 2-3games they will call you a creak car and tell you to refuse to challenge the player or accept there is also ghost battle mode but it only has it if you have the saving card but you just get ghost battle stars but different shape like accept someone challenge stars.

Well the first is 300hp next 360hp next 400hp , 420hp , 440hp , 470hp , 500hp , 520hp , 540hp , 570hp , 580hp , 600hp , 620hp , 640hp , 660hp , 680hp , 700hp , 720hp , 740hp , 760hp and it is limited

In story mode, there is beginner, Advanced, expert, expert A, monster machine, monster machine good keep going and that is the end after 2 more and then done for story mode.

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