In the holidays I did lots of fun things, for example, I took an edu-kingdom-test and my score was high my mum and dad would let me go to Koko but we forgot the card but I was still happy we got to watch 1 movie it was a long movie but still fun.

On the second day, it was still fun we got to go to the beach in Cronulla after that we arrived home and we ate food at our house after we studied at home we did programming and we did maths and I could play games till jiu-jitsu and then watch a movie.

The next day my father went to Jakarta after we packed things but my Grandfather dropped him off after I lived at my grandma’s house and grandfather’s house together with my mum for 2 weeks we went to Manly, where we had fish and chips with my grandfather only.

And then we went to Imax only my grandfather and me it was fun it was wildlife animals it was 3D and at the Imax we sat the wrong chair because i am usually used to sitting with my mum so the sit was 18 and 19, that was our sat and the one we sat one was 24 and 25 and then we ate at Korean BBQ after we ordered a bento box after we finished that we went to Hay Market, and played 15 games It was all car games only 11 games and the rest were other games.

I hope you have a great holiday see you soon.

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